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I am the Member of Provincial Parliament for Carleton-Mississippi Mills. How can I help you?

Jack has successfully advocated for and protected the rights of individuals, changed public perceptions, and influenced government policy to the benefit of the people of Ontario. Jack went to school at Dirleton, Fitzroy Harbour and Arnprior. He attained the degree of B. Sc. in civil engineering at Queen’s University in 1972. Jack worked in engineering and construction in Vancouver and Calgary for 10 years. Jack is a cash crop farmer who lives and works on the family farm at MacLaren’s Landing in West Carleton Township. The farm was a Crown Grant to the MacLaren family in 1826. Jack and his wife Janet have three daughters – Jessica, Rachel and Alexis. Janet and all three girls are Registered Nurses who are working in hospitals in Ottawa, Calgary and San Diego. The MacLaren family has a long history of being involved in community politics for the purpose of community betterment. Jack’s father, grand-father and great grand-father were all politically active. In the MacLaren house it was always understood that with the enjoyment and benefits of a healthy community comes the obligation to contribute to the community. Jack is ready to discuss the issues that concern you, and be your voice in Ontario.

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Statement from MPP Jack MacLaren


The following is a statement issued by Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP Jack MacLaren on his support for a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault:

March 28th, 2017 – For Immediate Release


“Yesterday, in the House while discussing due process in our justice system with respect to Bill 87, I made comments which could be misconstrued.  I want to take a moment to clarify my position.  While I believe strongly in due process for anyone accused of a crime, I unequivocally support a zero tolerance policy for sexual assaults and abuse. Too many criminals are released with light punishments and that needs to stop.”


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